Homebase Mockup

The Challenge

The product needed to provide visibility into a complex process, displaying the right information to the right team members at the right time.

Real estate transactions are complex, involving a dizzying number of steps, team members, and documents. Homebase is a transaction management platform that brings order to the chaos, pulling all transaction information together in on place, instead of being spread across numerous emails, spreadsheets and systems.

My Role

I led end to end product and UX design from discovery through implementation in partnership with the product, marketing, and engineering teams as well as operations and leadership stakeholders.


  • User Journeys
  • Data Mapping
  • Site Mapping


  • Wireframes, Mid-fi, Hi-fi
  • Prototypes
  • Design System

Testing & Review

  • User Interviews & Testing
  • QA Coordination
  • PO Review

Tools used: Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, G-Suite, Jira, Lucidchart, Miro, User Interviews

The Vision

To create a full view of the journey for buying, selling, and moving that simplifies the experience for end consumers and the teams that support them.

Edith headshot

The Reality

Our focus had been primarily on simplifying the process for the end consumer, but as we met with internal teams and leadership, we needed to shift our efforts.

Our internal teams were working in numerous systems and files with no central location to view all transaction details or codify the process. When combining the buying and selling process, there were 250+ steps and 20+ team members.

Edith headshot

Meet the Users

Edith headshot


  • Name: Edith
  • Role: Portfolio Manager
  • Team: Internal Operations
Marc headshot


  • Name: Marc
  • Role: Real Estate Agent
  • Team: Real Estate

Edith is a Portfolio Manager at Reali. She tracks Buy Before You Sell and Cash Offer transactions to make sure they close on time. Edith spends a lot of her time answering questions from team members, tracking down contacts, and updating transaction info. She needs a place where she can easily go to do all these things.

Marc is a Real Estate Agent at Reali. He specializes in guiding clients through Buy Before You Sell and Cash Offer transactions, helping them understand the process. Even though Marc is familiar with both types of transactions, there are a lot of steps and team members, so he would benefit from having one place to see them all.

Design Process

How does Homebase interact with other systems? What data do we need?

data map
data sheet

Initial Wireframes

initial wireframes

User Interviews & Feedback

User Interviews
User Feedback

Site Map: Defining MVP

Site Map

Mid Fidelity

Journey Overview
Mid Fidelity
Step 01: Sales Intake
Mid Fidelity

Hi Fidelity

Journey Overview
Hi Fidelity
Step 01: Sales Intake
Hi Fidelity
Hi Fidelity
Hi Fidelity

Desktop Prototype


View Prototype

Tracking User Feedback

Tracking User Feedback

Final Design

Final Design

Design System & Specs

Design System & Specs



Increased transaction capacity per team member


Steps codified in one place


Team members easy to find and contact

Data Hub

All transaction details visible in one place

Next Steps

  • Continue discovery with agents

  • Continue user testing with operations teams

  • Design and test post-MVP features